Art School


The “Institut national supérieur des arts du spectacle et des techniques de diffusion”, known as INSAS, is a theatre and film school located in Belgium. Lionel was hired in 2012 to run the website and guide communication matters. Having set up the Google Apps suite, he helped configure email, organise groups, build an intranet portal and facilitate exchanges by exploring shared documents methodologies. A change of this magnitude does not happen without staff training: Lionel has published a small practical book in this perspective.


Graphic Design
Web Design
Social Media Strategy
IT Expertise


Lionel Dutrieux
Philippe Debruxelles
Giovanni Mantione

The website has been modernised and adapted to modern screens. We also created a clean visual identity around a redesigned trademark.

Future oriented

We re-draw the logo in 2010, adding curves and carefully choosing the typography. The named hand is a mark of recognition that sums up the teaching philosophy initiated in the 1960s: each student is to be considered fully trained with a strong creative personality, which the school takes great pride in preserving.

Colour for everyone

We gave each section a colour, making it easy to differentiate them in shared documents and signage designs.

Information first

After assessing the team’s working conditions, we decided to create a website with accurate information, clear navigation, and simple structure. We trained the team how to publish with guidelines. We finally let them manage the solution independently.

No one left behind

We created and printed a book to help the school staff. We used simple explanations to use Google Apps, WordPress, Vimeo and social platforms. Each double-page, to read horizontally, presents a particular subject: writing an article in WordPress, adding an image, sharing a link on Google Drive, etc.

We produced various brochures, posters and DVD compilations. The graphic identity that we created has been used for over ten years.

Signage Design

We designed specific signage for each control room to delimit the upgraded TV studio in collaboration with the education team. DKD, lettering and vinyl cutting company, carried out the printing.