Film Credits

TEXT ON SCREEN. Film credits set the mood and allow viewers to enter and exit the film. Our experience in motion design ensures a smooth spectator welcome.


For Ecaterina and Sherban Vidick’s film “Dragalina”, we created the titles, poster and booklet design and produced DVD authoring and website. This documentary is produced by Michigan Films, co-produced by the CBA and the GSARA.


In “Noces”, the latest fiction film by Stephan Streker, a teenage girl attempts to juggle the weighty expectations of her traditional Pakistani parents, an unexpected pregnancy, and her own idea about where her life should lead. We created the film titles.


The credits for Noëmie Nicolas’ film “Changes”, produced by Michigan Films, have been entirely shot and edited at the end of the post-production process. Music by R.I.P. Bonaparte.


Film credits for Ewa Brykalska’s short film “Coda”. We created the poster, DVD cover and authoring.

On screen and outdoor

We design credits for the big screen and film posters of every size for online marketing and social media or traditional promotion on the streets.

L’ombre d ‘un autre

Credits and poster design for Léo Médard’s short film ‘L’ombre d’un autre”, produced by Stenola Productions.

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