Typography & Cinema

The Aesthetics of Text on Screen. The interactions between image, sound and text are the foundations of cinema; when not appearing in credits or subtitles, texts supplement film posters and advertisements.

Text never appears alone: instead, it always comes in a form shaped by a culture, a society, or a story. The type of character, its movement and where it materialises on the screen all participate in its meaning. They give it added significance. Very often disregarded – due to lack of understanding – the choice of typography influences the film’s overall style beyond its purely cinematic nature.

This book is concerned with writing and its roles on the screen. It is specifically focused on how a typographic shape is expressed and, at the same time, constrained by the big screen. It is meant for filmmakers who wish to expand their handling of text on the screen and graphic designers interested in cinema.

Preface by Michel Chion ; Foreword by Jerome Lasserre.
ISBN : 978-2-911220-97-5

EDITOR: Éditions Atelier Perrousseaux
YEAR: 2015


“Lionel Orient Dutrieux’s first book is a treasure for any typophile who appreciates the art of the letters in the moving images. This based in Brussels graphic artist and film editor has decided to pay tribute to the importance of typography in the movie making in the most profound and informative way.”

Typeroom, 12/12/2015.

“Les passionnés de typographie et du 7e art, peuvent être ravis, car Lionel Dutrieux leur a concocté un livre singulier qui offre un point de vue original sur l’apport de la forme du texte au cinéma et, pour accompagner ce travail, il a lancé Typocine.com, une base de données des typographies du grand écran, ouverte et collaborative. Avec ce livre, l’auteur s’intéresse aux rôles et caractéristiques du flux textuel, ainsi qu’aux conditions culturelles et techniques de l’usage du texte à l’écran.”

Etapes, 06/10/2015

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In parallel with the book’s publication, we have designed a database of typographies used in movies. Titles designers and students use it as more curious film fans.