SONUMA ensures the digitization, preservation and enhancement of various audiovisual funds of Belgium.

In 2011, Liove Films produced for Sonuma a series of 23 interviews of famous Belgian television journalists and filmmakers with, among others, Paul Danblon, Roger Beeckmans, Jean-Jacques Péché, Georges Pradez, Robert Wangermée, René Thierry, Claude Delacroix, Josy Dubié. We delivered authored DVDs and complete transcriptions for future research.

In 2012, we created an advertising spot promoting the workflow of the archiving process. We knew it very well, having worked for Sonuma as Editorial assistants. We managed filmmaking from start to delivery, with an added electronic soundtrack composed by Elise Dutrieux.

Audiovisual Archiving

Editorial Assistant

Journalism & Research



Since 2009, Sonuma has preserved, digitized and enhanced the audiovisual archives of RTBF. (1) Each type of support has its own digitization workflow. (2) The supports are identified, classified and inventoried. (3) Labeling allows traceability. (4) The digitized content is stored and indexed with the help of robotic systems. (5) A specially equipped warehouse preserve the original supports. (6) Metadatas and descriptions bring digital content back to life.

Keeping a trace of history

We collected every piece of information archived or published before each interview. The meeting took place usually at a private house. We talked about TV history, politics, technology, and personal matters. The videos are now available at Sonuma headquarter on demand.