RACCORDS. Connecting stories, dreams and down-to-earth tips to understand filmmaking today. “Writing creates bridges.”

Magazine Raccords exposes techniques to help filmmaking students understand their future work fields. We aim to create a dialogue through interviews, creating links between students, teachers and professionals.

We are pleased to have been able to chat and share with fantastic film professionals coming from a large spectrum like Jacqueline Aubenas, Patrick Leboutte, Jean-Pierre Verscheure, Pip Chodorov, Jean Libon, An van Dienderen, Jean Brismée, Rosine Mbakam and Javier Packer-Comyn. We also had the chance to talk to future talents like Alice Godart, Simon Gillard, Joséphine Jouannais, and many others.

Printed & Online

Raccords is published twice a year and is also available online. The magazine is distributed in various cinemas in Brussels.

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